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We apply mass spectrometry and computational modeling to investigate cellular metabolism in plant, mammalian cells, and bacteria. Our main methods are 13C metabolic flux analysis (MFA) and metabolite profling, which we use to address scientific questions in various fields of pharmaceutical, industrial, or agricultural relevance. The workgroup consists of scientists with diverse backgrounds ranging from biology to computer science, e.g. degrees in biology, pharmacy, biotechnology, biochemistry, bioinformatics, or biosystems technology.

Metabolic Flux Analysis of Terpene Biosynthesis

Dr. Manish Raorane

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Metabolic Flux Analysis in Human Cells Lines

(collaboration with Prof. Dr. S. Keßler)

Dr. Susanne Franke

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Improving the resolution of metabolic flux analysis by tandem mass spectrometry

Chris Richter

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Metabolic profiling in barley nested association mapping lines

(collaboration with Prof. Dr. K. Pillen)

Chris Richter, Dr. Manish Raorane

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Conversion of Sucrose to Starch in Pisum sativum seeds

Susann Aue, Dr. Manish Raorane

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